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The Fire

Has Reviews: Yes
Author Conformation: no

It is a collection of poems.
The Dark Stage: Wylie Westerhouse Book 2

Has Reviews: Yes
Author Conformation: no

Wylie has a secret admirer.

One of the biggest pop stars in the world wants to throw her influence behind his career and make him a star.
If only it was that simple...

The talented and vivacious Skyler KwyK might have more than music in mind.

Wylie already has a girlfriend. He fell in love with Holly McFadden at

Recourse: Steamy Romantic Suspense (The Arrangement Book 1)

Has Reviews: Yes
Author Conformation: no

"Holy smokes that was hot!" -Nicole S
"WOW! That went completely different from what I expected!" -Kristen N

Sometimes life gives you a second chance but changes the rules.
Laura Bishop was a world apart from the girl Chase Adams knew back in high school. He was always the gorgeous Greek god who

Featured Books for July 23rd
Georgia Rose

Print Length: 291 pages ASIN: B00HNU7Z26
Rank: #175 in Womens Adventure Publication Date: January 2, 2014
From Georgia Rose: A Single Step is my first novel, and is the first book in The Grayson Trilogy. It will eventually be joined by Before the Dawn and finally by Thicker than Water. The titles I can manage in the time I have available at the moment, the content is proving to be a little more tricky! I love the countryside, I walk our dogs and ride horses when possible, though that hasnt been much recently as Im currently lacking the essential ingredient of having access to a horse! Isolation appeals so the more remote the better. I struggle with towns, cities being particularly problematic, tall buildings, crowded streets, strangely claustrophobic. I enjoy writing (thats probably obvious), rewriting and editing (which is just as well), then reading a bit - quite a bit (thrillers, crime that sort of thing) before more writing and occasionally, when taking a break from writing, I get to watch a film, sometimes even making it as far as the cinema!
Pick this novel as your favorite, and go on an adventure; a european adventure? On a website? sure. All that remains to be seen at the begining of this book which takes you with the horrible lonesome sadness of losing someone; then is brought to bear like a credit card with no limit then one with no name on it. All be it true, now join us for tea at 3pm. lol I liked all of this kind of imagery, to think the truck is ready to meander accross some huge acherage, before settiling into an iron set of sheets untouched by a manor house of some six hundred years. We will never know what these people do for work, now go with Mrs. F and you will sure to enjoy this read. ++ Is it worth the 4.5 stars or the .99 cents? Definately both of them. I dont know how to instantly get ratings like that but its worth a shot. lol
Okey F. Eni

Print Length: 305 pages ASIN: B00A7Y5R2K
Rank: #1 In African Poetry! Publication Date: November 14, 2012
From MR. Okey F. Eni: MR. Okey F. Eni was born on the 27th day of July 1966. He is a Lawyer and is in active legal practice. He started writing in the year 2000, and has written eighteen books at the last count. They are, four novels; namely Dreams. DMI1 and 2, Emma, The child prostitute. Eight books of poems, three books on womens right and three plays. Most of these books are unpublished and some of his poems have been published in journals and some anthologies. MR. Eni is married and live in Lagos Nigerian with his wife.
heh. I think this book is interesting to read from front to cover. Are you really trying to decypher its contents or go lark hunting? We dont really know. lol The fire is the first poem in the book, it could be uncovering a soildiers bear to arms; a mans doubt brought upon himself, the pecularity of percarious wanderings. Whatever it is, its hot here in Nigera; and it wont stop for you. It is a law here to pay your employer social security; but its not very old. Before that it was the back of luigis pizza shop but well never know. lol

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